Get GDPR Compliant On NON- WP Sites :  Shopify, ClickFunnel,
HTML Sites & Everything Else!

Instantly Access UberGDPR SaaS Version

A code is added to the left allowing visitors to accept or decline your cookies policy.

To the right is the Legal button, clicking that button reveals the GDPR required pages including terms and conditions, privacy policy etc.

You can see it in action on this website, I use what I sell to comply with GDPR regulations 🙂

GDPR Compliance HTML

Advantages Of GDPR Non-WP SaaS Version

  • Use On Non-WP Sites

    Shopify , Click-funnel, InstaPage, HTML sites & everything else in between.
  • Translation Made Easy

    Now you can customize the entire GDPR & Legal page experience with your local language.
  • Fully Customized Legal Pages

    System will generate customized Legal pages based on your company info.

Can You Also use This On WordPress Sites? Yes!

You simply generate a code using the widgets which tailors the legal pages to your website. Insert the widget in the Editor section > footer.

Create GDPR widget

Enter website information

Then simply go back to widgets and click “Get Code”

Insert this code near bottom of footer php file, before the end footer tag.


Option to change language to suit your website. Simply Click the edit button when completing the form and you can input any language you require.

Personal Unlimited Sites Licence Just $15


If you just require a WordPress plugin that will quickly add GDPR compliance to your website it can be found here.