What Does WP Aff Safeguard Plugin Do?

This plugin safeguards your affiliate’s links to ensure they get credit for their hard work.
Any product creator knows affiliates are worth their weight in gold. They actively promote your products with a view to cashing in on commissions when they produce sales.

Sadly, the way a lot of affiliates are “cookied” means they are losing out on referred leads/sales. In turn these affiliates feel disgruntled and somewhat peeved to say the least!

By showing your affiliates that you care and value their efforts to promote your products will in turn gain their trust and appreciation that you took the extra care to ensure they don’t get cheated out of their rightful commissions.

Enter… WP Aff Safeguard.

This plugin uses two methods to track your affiliate links, both cookies and ip address. If people delete their cache and cookies they will still get paid base don the ip addresses so in effect you are safeguarding affiliate commissions.

The salespage gives a more in-depth view on how to use this plugin to gain trust with your affiliates.


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