WP CTA (Call to Action) Graphics Plugin

Whether you are creating blog posts or sales pages it is always good to have readily available call to action buttons or graphics. It saves time and frustration having to root about on your hard drive to find graphics you have the right to use.

Choose the graphics you wish to insert from the drop down menu bar, don’t worry if they appear too big for your post area…they are designed for sales pages, BUT you can easily control the size by amending the HTML, it’s easy it says width and height. Just tweak these numbers until you are happy with the results.

Click the image WP CTA in visual editor..

Cta button


Choose what type of graphics you wish to insert…

wp Plugins Direct


View your page and you will see the graphic…

Play around with it and have fun! You will soon find your firm  favorites.


You can use this plugin on all your personal websites, even websites you flip or sell later.


Just a small sample of what is included in this plugin…

Just $9.95

Enjoy 🙂