End Banner Blindness By Targeting Ads Based on Your Visitor’s Interests

We all know that generalized banner ads are not as effective as they used to be. Most are simply ignored.

But what if you could target your visitors with appropriate ads based on the length of time they spend reading certain types of content on your website.

Ads specific to your visitor’s interests are far more likely to get clicked on and this results in more sales.

WP Intelligent Ads is a plugin that will detect visitors that spend more than 30 seconds reading a page or post on your website. This indicates the person has an interest in that topic. When this happens WP Intelligent Ads will begin showing relevant ads to the visitor.

Here is how it works:

Upload and activate WP Intelligent Ads Plugin to your WordPress dashboard.

Visit posts or pages and enable WP Intelligent Ads tracking.

WPIntelligent Ads Plugin for WordPress WPIA post

The plugin will be visible under each page or post in your dashboard. You can go back and enable older posts/pages and add relevant banner ads or links to these also.

The plugin will now begin to tracking visitor interests on your site.

If your visitor spends 30 seconds or more on a particular post, the post or page will begin showing the banner or image that you have added to that particular post or page on all pages that you inserted the shortcode.

So say the visitor stayed on a page about weight loss recipes for more than 30 seconds, she then moved on to other articles, for example spending a short time on exercise for weight loss.. the banners she will see will be the exercise pages will be related to weight loss recipes as she appeared to have more interest in those than exercising.

This way the plugin targets each person’s individual preferences.targeted ads are far more likely to get noticed!

This is why Facebook uses retargeting pixels to get sites or products you have visited to follow you around the web with targeting advertising. It simply works!

This plugin comes with a  30 day satisfaction guarantee, so try it today and improve your advert targeting to what your readers are truly interested in!

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