WP Sticky Bars Plugin for WordPress Websites

Anyone involved in Internet marketing knows that real scarcity works to make more sales from your websites.

Scarcity tools play an important part in helping us make more sales but only when they are used correctly.

Too many false scarcity tactics could harm your online business. Use these tools wisely to generate more sales but also to maintain a good relationship with your buyers.

What Does WP Sticky Bars Plugin Do?

Just about all internet marketers use scarcity tactics to get sales, it’s a fact that this simply works.

And, from the many tools that can be found out there, we believe the “sticky bars” to be the most effective method of them all.

But, finding a quick plugin to do the job without spending a lot of money isn’t easy.

Some tools are too expensive and give you many things that you simply do not need.

Some appear to be cheap, but then you discover you have to buy a license for every site you want to use it on, this makes it very expensive.

Some are not easy to use, or they consume a lot of your resources.

Video WP Sticky Bars Plugin

Well, not any more!

Introducing WP Sticky Bars Plugin

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Unlimited use on your personal domains
  • Create unlimited scarcity bars

WP Sticky Bars Plugin

What is WP Sticky Bars?

Wp Sticky Bars is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create scarcity bars ( fixed date or cookie based) with just a few clicks.

Quickly and easily create date based bars…

date based bars

cookie based bars

with just some clicks…

Here’s how it works:

Just go to any WordPress post and under your content editor, click the WP Sticky Bars button and select the bar of your choice- fixed date or cookie based

choose bar

then adjust settings

here's some examples of sticky bars

and there's more

Just $9.95 Unlimited Site Licence!

WP Sticky Bars Plugin


Personal licence, use on unlimited personal domains.



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