How Does The WP Tube Direct Plugin Work?

Creating high quality content for your website can be hard work, it requires you to research topics in your niche and to update your website on a regular basis in order to get organic search engine traffic to your site.

Google loves sites that update regularly and provide value to visitors. It also favors sites that share and embed YouTube videos.

WP TubeDirectTo this end, what better way than to have a plugin that will automatically pull in up to 5 videos from YouTube to your posts or pages, based on the keyword you enter.

This way you can quickly add tutorials, information or entertaining videos that you didn’t even have to take the time to produce.

Okay so having great content from YouTube is nothing new right?

Yes, you can just go browse YouTube and gather the embed codes for videos in your niche but it’s a great time-waster and what’s the odds you get sidetracked along the way? I know I do!

But, this plugin isn’t just about embedding YT videos, nope whilst it’s nice to share videos the bottom line is we need to also make some money.

WP Tube Direct plugin does this by creating a button on the embedded video that contains your affiliate link.

For example, if you are promoting an affiliate product, you could write a review of that product (you don’t have to you could just embed the video but it’s good to give a personal voice to the review right?) then embed a relevant YouTube video and monetize it with your affiliate link.

You can even change the color of the button to make blend in with your website if you want.

The bottom line is when people watch the video on your site the call to action button is right there in their face so to speak. They decide to buy and click your link.

People are inherently lazy for the most part. If they like what they see you are providing them with instant access and you make the commission 🙂

You can use this plugin on as many posts and pages as you desire. Spend an hour and set up multiple posts to go out on a schedule so your website will be providing fresh information constantly.

Also you get personal rights and can use it on unlimited websites that you own. We even let the plugin remain on the site in the event you decide to flip it.

Grab your copy today!



So do you want to see WPTubeDirect in action ?

  1. Go to the WP TubeDirect button that will appear in the visual editor on posts and pages after installing the plugin…

how to use WP TubeDirect plugin

2. Fill in the pop up box. Select between 1 and 5 videos, the keyword you are targeting, the button link (an affiliate program or your product url) Type in button text and choose a color then click OK.


That’s it!

Tip: When entering your keywords it is best to use long-tail keywords.

What this means is don’t enter something basic such as “weight Loss” enter something like how to lose 10lbs in a week. This will bring much better results. 🙂